Artificial DNA

Artifical DNA and its applications

Tagging valuables with artificial DNA as a prevention strategy has proven to be extremely effective. The use of such products makes it possible to reliably match objects tagged with artificial DNA to their owner and often connects the perpetrator to the crime scene. As a high-tech company based in Duisburg, we specialize in DNA technologies. We develop and sell DNA-based solutions (Made in Germany). We offer theft prevention and proof of ownership solutions based on the latest DNA technology. DNA technologies offer a wide range of possibilities in the field of security, since DNA molecules cannot currently be changed so easily, and it is very difficult to detect DNA molecules in a solution or medium. The resulting risks for criminals have been proven to mean that objects and items – no matter what form – that have been treated with this method are avoided.

The solution to be applied is a special marking fluid containing synthetic DNA and dyes. The dyes can be made visible under UV-A light (black light).   It is also possible to provide valuables with a DNA code. The DNA codes can only be decoded by us, as we have the necessary technology and know-how. (therefore, only our company is able to carry out the investigations on the detection of the artificial DNA in a sample.) There is also the option of developing customer-specific solutions. Ink mixed with artificial DNA could be of interest for notaries to sign particularly important or valuable documents. It is difficult to forge documents signed with DNA ink even after the signer’s death, as the paper can also be marked with DNA. Special marking options can also be developed for high-quality products such as automobiles, watches, jewelry, metals, works of art or safes. In this way, museums and galleries can provide their valuable exhibits with special protection that can help to identify a painting, for example, and deter thieves. Special solutions can also be developed for banks, supermarkets, department stores and other establishments where large amounts of cash are collected. (The number of demolitions of ATMs is increasing rapidly. The use of artificial DNA offers a variety of solutions here. Such as prevention, deterrence and detection of perpetrators)     In the event of a robbery, the perpetrator leaves behind DNA traces even though he is wearing gloves. This technology is currently being developed. Examples of applications for our standard products: They can be used at home or at work, for example a DNA spray can be placed on windows to deter potential burglars. This makes sense, especially during the holiday season. Our DNA Ink can be used to sign or mark important contracts or documents. There are many other ways to use this DNA technology for prevention and counterfeiting prevention. The standard products are very inexpensive. The application potential is almost unlimited. Please contact us if you are looking for special solutions. The standard products contain our codes. In the event of a conflict, we can use the codes to quickly conduct an investigation.

We offer the following products for this purpose (all products include warning stickers, gloves, cotton swabs, mask and instructions:

Name of ready to use PCR kit



A liquid for marking objects such as: e.g. bicycles, cables and wires, cable drums, metal, jewellery, valuables etc.



A gel to apply to objects and materials such as: glasses, metals, plastic, solar panels; the gel, invisible to the eye, sticks to the fingers.



A special and tamper-proof ink for signing or marking documents with a fountain pen.



A sticker/seal for marking items such as: e.g. books, electronics, cars, jewellery, works of art, expensive musical instruments etc.



A spray device that automatically sprays an invisible DNA liquid on demand that sticks to people and materials.


MICROBOSS Black Light Lamp

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