MICROBOSS Nanomedicine

is developing a number of kits based on quantum dots to be used in human medicine

Flowcytometry products

and assays available: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, CD20, CD64 and so on

We are developing

hydrogels. We are looking for distributors.

Nanomedicine tools (Made in Germany)

MICROBOSS Nanomedicine GmbH is a private German company specializing on applications of nanotechnology in medicine. The major focus is on the development of the products based on nanotechnology technology using quantum dots and others like development of advanced applications in the field of security using DNA technology. The nanotechnological products have vast applications areas like in vivo imaging, diagnostics as well as to be used as therapy vehicles to develop particular drug to a particular target cells. MICROBOSS Nanomedicine is a spinoff of Genekam Biotechnology AG. Further it has new unique applications, which combine the use of quantum dots and magnetic beads for isolation of different kinds of cells like mononuclear cells as well as stem cells, where user can isolate and stain the cells in one step leading to save the time and money. It is also working on magnetic bead ELISA tests, which can be used as the point of care assays under the field conditions as well as as professional ELISA tests. The biggest advantage of such ELISA test is that one can finish the ELISA assays within 15 to 30 minutes against the conventional ELISA assays, which take 3 to 12 hours to finish. All products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

The tests for detection of various pathogens with quantum dot magnetic conjugates are also available, Such assays can be very useful for fluorescent microscope applications as quantum dots staining does not bleach as this is case with conventional staining dyes.Moreover the quantum dots can be used as multiplex assays because their emission range is narrow, hence there is no cross talking between the different quantum dots of different wavelength. .