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MICROBOSS Nanomedicine is developing a number of kits based on quantum dots to be used in human medicine

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Flowcytometry products and assays available: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, CD20, CD64 and so on

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We are developing hydrogels. We are looking for distributors.

MICROBOSS QD-Conjugation kit with two Quantum dots 510 / 630nm

Name of ready to use
DOCAmountPrice €
M-QD-7 MICROBOSS QD-Conjugation kit with two Quantum dots 510 / 630nm 25 reactions350,-

MICROBOSS Quantum dot conjugation kit: it includes Quantum dots 510 nm emission and conjugation kit: The user can conjugate with this kit your antibodies, peptides and proteins. After that you can use this conjugate for different purposes e.g. fluoresecence microscope including cofocal microscope and related and serological tests like ELISA. We have two kits: one is with Quantum dot 510 nm and other is with two Quantum dots: 510 and 610nm emissionlength. The kits are ready to use and you need nothing except your protein, peptide or antibodies. This kit will be in position to create new kit of applications in medicine. This kit is optimised for small volume of proteins and antibodies i.e. you will save your time and money.

Advantage of MICROBOSS QD-Conjugation kit is that one can conjugate the quantum dots quickly with the target protein. It is created in such way that every laboratory can use this kit within a short time after arrival. The quantum dots can be used to replace the normal dyes beings in fluoroscent microscopy and the staining with the quantum dot will not fade within short period, hence it is quite stable for longtime. This kit is standardised to work with our Quantum dots, but it can also work with other quantum dots of other companies.

* only for research use.