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MICROBOSS Nanomedicine is developing a number of kits based on quantum dots to be used in human medicine

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Flowcytometry products and assays available: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, CD20, CD64 and so on

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We are developing hydrogels. We are looking for distributors.

MICROBOSS QD-Conjugation Service

Name of ready to use
DOCAmountPrice €
M-QD-1 MICROBOSS QD-Conjugation Service (**) 1 reactionfrom Euro 199,-

Quantum dot conjugation service: If you have an target molecule e.g. a protein, antibodies or nucleic acid and you want to get it conjugatged with our own Quantum dots with our own developed conjugationmethods. We can do this as service. In order to let you know, whether we can do this, kindly send us specification of your molecule and further information as listed else where in this communication. The client has to provide us the molecule, hence please make sure that you have these molecules. The biggest advantage will be that you can use this conjugated molecule immediately in your applications rather wasting time for developing the conjugationmethods and standardising it. The advantage of our technology will be that our conjugates will generate the results e.g. slides, which can be stored for longtime without lossing the fluorescence i.e. photostable. Once the client will give these conjugated molecules, it may be possible that your costs per reaction, where the molecule is being used, may be very lower i.e. it will lead to economical solutions. These conjugations can be used in applications like immunofluorescence microscopy: Normal fluorescence microscope, Cofocal microscope, photonmicroscope and as well as for in vivo applications like tracking of a cancer cells or lesion with NIR sensors. The prices for conjugation will start from Euro 199,- and so on. Some of the solutions can be done only under the projects as they may need more time to be developed.

* only for research use.
** This is for minimum quantity and the price depends on our work load during conjugation