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Latest 1:

MICROBOSS Nanomedicine is developing a number of kits based on quantum dots to be used in human medicine

Latest 2:

Flowcytometry products and assays available: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, CD20, CD64 and so on

Latest 3:

We are developing hydrogels. We are looking for distributors.

Nano Assays*

Microboss Quantum Dots

MICROBOSS Nanomedicine GmbH is going to launch a number applications based on quantum dots. These solutions can be used on different plate forms. The client can get their own applications developed also.

Solutions for fluorescence microscope as well as in-vivo tracking of targets are as followings:

Microboss Quantum Dots

1. We can supply you the conjugated Quantum dots with your needed proteins to be used in fluorescence microscope as well as in-vivo tracking of your cells or targets. To do so, kindly let us know your requirement including howmany doses do you need?

2. We can provide you some conjugated products and the list will be published shortly.

Ready to use MICROBOSS QD-Conjugates for fluorescence microscope:

Name of ready to use
DOC Amount Price €
M-QD-2 HER2-AB-QD (Breast Cancer Marker: HER2/neu) 50 reactions 99,-
M-QD-3 P53-AB-QD (Cancer Marker: P53) 50 reactions 99,-
M-QD-4 PR-AB-QD (Cancer Marker: Progestrone receptor) 50 reactions ask
M-QD-5 Rabies-AB-QD (Detection of Rabies virus) 50 reactions ask

* only for research use.