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MICROBOSS Nanomedicine is developing a number of kits based on quantum dots to be used in human medicine

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Flowcytometry products and assays available: CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19, CD20, CD64 and so on

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We are developing hydrogels. We are looking for distributors.


++++++Nanoparticles based ELISA with full Spike protein of SARS CoV-2 ++++++

++++ World´s most sensitive ELISA to detect SARS CoV-2 specific antibodies++++

MICROBOSS Nanomedicine GmbH (a Genekam company) is going to launch highly sensitive ELISA tests, which are based on full Spike protein-based nanoparticle antigens, where the antigens are expressed on highly dense area, hence such expression of antigens make this ELISA one of most sensitive tests (1000 times) against the conventional ELISA tests, which are today being used around the world. Moreover, this test is far better to detect the antibodies against the ELISA tests being used around the world with S1 or RBD antigens. Many vaccines are made with fully S protein or its gene sequence along with full viral particles, hence it is better to use ELISA test with full length S protein of SARS CoV-2, but the development and production of full S protein is very difficult as this is a long protein, which can not be expressed easily in many of present expression systems, moreover there is a need of strong experience to express such long proteins. Even in the case of coronavirus infection or after the recovery from an infection, full length S protein ELISA will be far better solutions against the ELISA being used today with S1 or RBD proteins.


Name of ready to use
DOC Amount Price €
MB-Nano-1        Full length S Protein SARS CoV-2 ELISA IgM antibody detection (ELISA)   **
MB-Nano-1        Full length S Protein SARS CoV-2 ELISA IgG antibody detection (ELISA)   **

**The price for these ELISA will be around Euro 250 per 96 well plate. It includes all components needed to conduct ELISA test on human sera samples.

2. Full length S protein of SARS CoV-2: we will be able to offer full length S protein of SARS CoV-2 (wild strain).

The price will start from Euro 70-

3. RBD and S1 protein of SARS CoV-2: These are recombinant proteins. The price will be start from Euro 50, -.

4. Protein A: This can be used to purify antibodies. We have highly purified 98% available. This is recombinant protein A. We can provide you cheap protein A, if you want lower purity.


Prices Ex-Factory, Duisburg, Germany without any taxes and shipping costs, Germany.

*Research use products only.